Colin M. Barron

Battles on Screen: World War II Action Movies

The Second World War was one of the defining historical events of the Twentieth Century. This global conflict was responsible for enormous trials and great heroism, and the horrors and gallantry that it inspired have formed the basis of some of the most striking movies ever committed to celluloid.

From the author of Planes on Film, Battles on Screen offers both an analysis and celebration of cinema's engagement with World War II, discussing the actors, the locations, the vehicles and the production teams responsible for bringing these epics to life. Reaching across the decades, the impact and effectiveness of many classic war films are examined in detail, complete with full listings of their cast and crew.

Ranging from the real-life figures and historical events which lay behind many of these features to the behind-the-scenes challenges that confronted the film crews at the time of their production, Battles on Screen contains facts, statistics and critical commentary to satisfy even the most stalwart fan of the war movie genre.

Published 30th November 2017 by Extremis Publishing.

A Life by Misadventure

When Colin Barron and Vivien Thompson first met, it was love at first sight. Both were forty-two, had attended Glasgow University, and shared many interests. In 2002, the couple married. Colin had a dream job as a self-employed hypnotherapist while Vivien worked as a learning-support teacher. They had a blissful marriage based on mutual respect and intellectual parity. Then in May 2011, Vivien collapsed at home with a massive stroke caused by a heart tumour that the NHS had failed to diagnose. Though her life was saved by a brilliant cardiac surgeon, Vivien was left with severe disabilities, little speech, and partial blindness. Her husband realized that the tragedy had been caused by inadequate investigation and helped Vivien claim compensation. Just after the case was settled in 2015, Colin himself had a massive heart attack and nearly died three times. Miraculously, he survived.

A Life by Misadventure is a story of two people's struggle against impossible odds. It is also a great love story, a tale of a love between two people, which would not die. Instead of dying, the love actually got stronger.

Published 16th October 2017 by AuthorHouseUK.

Dying Harder: Action Movies of the 1980s

The 1980s were a golden age for action movies, with the genre proving popular at the box-office as never before. Across the world, stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis were becoming household names as a result of their appearances in some of the best-known films of the decade.

But what were the stories which lay behind the making of these movies? Why were the eighties to bear witness to so many truly iconic action features? And who were the people who brought these legends of action cinema to life?

In Dying Harder: Action Movies of the 1980s, Colin M. Barron considers some of the most unforgettable movies of the decade, exploring the reasons behind their success and assessing the extent of their enduring acclaim amongst audiences which continues into the present day.

Published 31st May 2017 by Extremis Publishing.

Planes on Film: Ten Favourite Aviation Films

In Planes on Film Colin M. Barron reveals many little-known facts about the making of several aviation epics. Every movie is discussed in comprehensive detail, including a thorough analysis of the action and a complete listing of all the aircraft involved. With information about where the various planes were obtained from and their current location, the book also explores the subject of aviation films which were proposed but ultimately never saw the light of day.

With illustrations and meticulous factual commentary, Planes on Film is a book which will appeal to aviation enthusiasts, military historians and anyone who has an interest in cinema. Written by an author with a lifelong passion for aircraft and their depiction on the silver screen, Planes on Film presents a lively and thought-provoking discourse on a carefully-chosen selection of movies which have been drawn from right across the history of this fascinating cinematic genre.

Published 30th September 2016 by Extremis Publishing.

The Craft of Public Speaking

Dr. Colin M. Barron has delivered hundreds of lectures and presentations to audiences during a long career, giving speeches on a wide variety of different subjects over many years. In The Craft of Public Speaking, he shares the essential knowledge that you will need to become a truly successful public speaker.

Published 30th June 2016 by Extremis Publishing.